Adam in his room
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Residence Flat 5 in the apartment building
Occupation Malicious internet troll
Appears in Chapter(s) 7
More info
Nicknames "Eye of Adam"
Relatives Old Man (Father)
Voiced by N/A
"Meet me at midnight. Both of you. I will wait. Flat 5. Door will be open. Do not fear."
— Eye of Adam, Chapter 6.

Adam, also known by his online pseudonym "Eye of Adam", is the fifth and last Parasite in The Cat Lady.


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He is a spiteful person who tempts people to commit suicide through an internet forum. He relies completely on his father to take care of him since the only part of his body he is able to move is his eyeball. Using a computer controlled by his eye movements, he is able to communicate and control various things in his apartment. 

He urged Mitzi Hunt's boyfriend into committing suicide by communicating with him on an online forum about death. He will also taunt Susan and Mitzi to kill him when confronted by Susan alone or with Mitzi.

At the end you ("Revenge" achievement awarded) or Mitzi ("A Ruthless Killer" achievement awarded) can kill him or leave him be ("I Care About You" and possibly "A Flower That Bent Towards the Sun" achievements awarded if Mitzi is alive and didn't kill Adam). It is also possible for Adam to be killed by Susan. It will happen only if Mitzi does not get a gas mask ("Scared of Dying" achievement awarded). Susan goes alone to confront Adam and there, when you decide to kill him, she starts smoking a cigarette. She throws it to Adam's room. He dies in an explosion. Susan luckily saves herself and escapes.      


  • In Adam's room, the player can see images of a bunch of people.
    • One of these is Remigiusz Michalski, the developer of The Cat Lady.

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