Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game

Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game is the first game Remigiusz Michalski made under Harvester Games, featuring a different style with no voice acting. The game is focused on Joe Davis and his wife Ivy Davis who stop by at the Quiet Haven Hotel for the night.

The game is no longer considered to be part of the universe that The Cat Lady is in, with a remake of the game simply titled Downfall replacing the original game in terms of canon. Due to this, the original Downfall has long since become freeware, being considered a mess by the developer and as such abandoned.

Gameplay Edit

Downfall has a vastly different style than The Cat Lady, being more point-and-click. In it, the player plays as Joe Davis and needs to guide him through the hotel looking for his wife. The game is centered around puzzles so the player must look at everything to find items or examine things. Left click allows interaction or a description and right click allows a different description, usually telling more info compared to left clicking.

Story Edit

"Quiet Haven Hotel was supposed to be just a one night shelter for Joe and Ivy Davis. But things soon start to go wrong. Ivy's panic attacks get worse and soon she disappears. And in the morning hotel changes too. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Joe is left alone, trying to understand what is happening, trapped between reality and the nightmare."
— Site SummaryJoe Davis and Ivy Davis stop for the night at Quiet Haven Hotel while trying to find a doctor for Ivy. They rent a room and once they enter the room, it reveals that Joe and Ivy seem to have a broken relationship. After confirming that their marriage has been dead for months, Joe goes to sleep and experiences a dream where he says he's safe. After waking up and going down to the dining room, Joe realizes that everything is different then before. Now he has to find his wife while navigating through the hotel.


Joe DavisEdit

Joe took Ivy on a little vacation and lodged at Quiet Haven Hotel for the night, hoping to find a doctor for her the following morning. Now he must fight against an evil that could reveal a terrible truth...

Ivy DavisEdit

Not long after Joe and Ivy arrived at Quiet Haven Hotel, Ivy disappeared, leading to Joe's quest in finding her. Ivy is a desperate person, arriving to discuss with Joe showing to be a sad and disappointed person. Her role is the key to reveal the truth behind the game.

Dr. Frank ZelmannEdit

Dr. Frank Zelmann, simply and more commonly known as Doctor Z, is a German Nazi scientist found on the second floor of the hotel. He moved to the hotel to find a peaceful place to work and is aware of what's going on in the hotel but is too focused on his work to care. Upon meeting him, he will ask Joe to do a task for him saying there's something in the cellar that he needs. Later it reveals he's trying to reanimate a dead human and says that it will be smarter than the one made by Dr. Frankenstein. After putting it together, Joe goes onto the roof to attach a metal rod to give the machine more electricity. The rod gets struck and Joe falls off the roof and grabs the sill of the window to prevent from falling. Through the window he sees the corpse reanimate and attack the doctor. The last thing he sees before falling is the corpse smashing his head into the window.

Later after getting the pieces for the mannequin, a secret door will open. Inside it reveals that Doctor Z is a Nazi, as well as a frozen body of what is presumed to be Adolf Hitler. The player can also find Doctor Z lying against the left wall dead, with his brain removed.

Doctor Z makes a minor appearance in The Cat Lady in a note sent to Joe. He's also the brother of one of the parasites, Dr. Xavier Zelmann, who also similarly goes by Doctor X.


A remake of Downfall with new music, voice acting and a similar style to The Cat Lady overall was planned to be released on Spring 2015, but had to be delayed until its release on February 14th, 2016 for most platforms and February 15th, 2016 for Steam.


  1. Killing Memories [The song in the intro sequence]
  2. Dead Bird's Song
  3. Elviron
  4. Always [Plays when Joe reads Ivy's note]
  5. Dear Diary
  6. My Pillar Of Reality
  7. Devil Came Through Here
  8. We're Over The Bridge Now [Plays during Joe and Ivys argument]
  9. Temptation [Plays when the receptionist tries to have sex with Joe]
  10. This House Is My Castle [Title music]
  11. Give It Back
  12. Porn Music
  13. Sophie
  14. Cracks In The Mirror
  15. Going Crazy
  16. This Ends With A Twist [Plays during the aftermath of the game]
  17. A Thousand Shades Of Red [Credit song]
  18. Last Cigarette
  19. Last Cigarette Version 2
  20. Tunnel
  21. The Good Doctor [The theme for Doctor Z]

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