"No one will do it right, if you don't do it yourself..."
— Gladys, Chapter 4

Gladys in the garden shed
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Residence House in the suburbs
Occupation Unknown (possibly housewife)
Appears in Chapter(s) 4
More info
Nicknames "Ugly BEtter" (Susan Ashworth)
Relatives Pest Control Man (husband)
Voiced by David Firth

Gladys is the third Parasite and the wife of the Pest Control Man. In The Cat Lady, Susan Ashworth first encounters her when she is trapped inside the husband and wife's house during Chapter 4.


She orders her husband around and gets jealous of the women he captures. She is willing to do anything to keep her husband with her.


She is dressed in a bloody nurse's costume. She walks disorderly, and often holds a cleaver or a bleach bottle, according to her husband.


Gladys becomes jealous when she sees her husband trying to molest Susan, who is restrained on a metal bed. He denies having done anything and says that Susan will be there for dinner. Gladys is happy to hear this, saying that she is "sick to death of those bloody cats." After her husband leaves, Gladys calls Susan a "nasty little whore" for trying to seduce her husband, and disfigures Susan's face with strong bleach.

When Susan returns to the house, she sees Gladys chopping bloody chunks of human flesh and cat meat in the garden shed. She must distract Gladys with a ringing phone in order to enter the shed and obtain key items.


Susan about to kill Gladys
After killing the Pest Control Man with toxic gas, Susan finds Gladys hidden in a bathtub, waiting to kill her in the backyard. Susan kills Gladys with a shotgun.


You can unlock a Steam achievement by not being killed by Gladys during the chapter. You need to avoid her as much as possible by saving game upon entering every few rooms without incident. You will also need to peek inside the shed instead of entering it as she is in it throughout, until you use the mobile phone to call the telephone in the house. Hiding under the table in the dining room is necessary to get her to pass you when she is walking to answer the house phone and returning to the shed. Walking too far into the dining room whenever it is necessary to hide from her will also trigger her to kill you.

Quotes Edit

"Look what the cat's dragged in..."

"Take the god-damned mask when you talk to me!"

"And I'm sick to death of them bloody cats..."

"Shut up, you stupid bitch!!!"

"You kept staring at him with these big green eyes..."

"I have to make sure he wont't be attracted to you, anymore..."

Trivia Edit

  • She is voiced by David Firth, a popular internet cartoonist most known for his series Salad Fingers.
    • David Firth also voices the Pest Control Man, Gladys' husband and the second Parasite.
  • She is never named during the game, but is instead named during the credits as "Gladys/His [Pest Control Man's] wife."

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