Sex Male
Age Unknown
Residence Flat 7 (Apartment Building)
Occupation Unknown
Appears in Chapter(s) 6
More info
Relatives Unknown
Voiced by Dave Seaman
Jesse is a young man who lives in Flat 7.

Depiction in the gameEdit

Jesse is a calm, kind person who is always composed and never complains, at least not when others are around. Susan Ashworth overheard gossip saying there were the sounds of gunshots, screaming, and explosions coming from his flat; Mitzi Hunt realizes that he must be an avid gamer.

In Chapter 6, Susan and Mitzi create a diversion by cutting the cable connected to Jesse's electric meter, forcing him to leave the house to buy a new one. With Jesse gone, Susan and Mitzi break into his apartment and obtain a mask, among three propped up near the couch. They search his apartment and computer, but rule him out as a possible suspect for the Eye of Adam.

As far as the game will tell the player, Jesse is the only normal person in the whole flat, being the only person who shows no sign of aggression, murder, depression, fear or mental health problems. The only anger he appears to show is frustration during game-play. The details on the rest of his life are unknown.

Personality Edit

Jesse is a calm and patient person, who never gets bored. He is the silent type, but seems willing to help when needed. He is kind when referring to Pauline and Susan.

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Prologue Chapter 1
"House in the Woods"
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"Second First Breath"
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Chapter 4
"Bullet for Susan"
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"Some Flowers Never Bend Towards the Sun"
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"The Legend of Cat Widow"
Chapter 7
"Don't Feed the Troll"