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"It's the monster... It followed me here... It always follows me, no matter what I do."
— Joe Davis, Chapter 6
Joe Davis


Joe as he appears in The Cat Lady

Joe downfall

Joe in Downfall

Sex Male
Age Unknown
Residence Flat 3 of the apartment building
Occupation Unknown
Appears in Chapter(s) 6
More info
Relatives Ivy Davis (wife)
Robbie Davis (brother)
Mr. Davis (Father)
Mrs. Davis (mother)
Voiced by Jesse Gunn

Joe Davis lives in Flat 3 of the apartment building with his wife, Ivy Davis.


Joe is mentally ill and obsessed with protecting his wife. He doesn't see that what he is doing to her is actually killing her.

In Downfall, he is shown to be very caring and protective of his wife, as shown through the lengths he had gone through in order to "save" her. He was shown to hate killing despite doing so throughout the entire game, but his actions were only due to his illness. As seen in the game, he has dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia.


Before DownfallEdit

Joe, his parents and his younger brother, Robbie, were from Seattle, Washington before moving to England, Helen Road, according to the Downfall Remake. When they were both children, Joe and Robbie were on their own quest in finding a briefcase of money in the abandoned construction site. In the remake, Joe dismissed Robbie, thinking there probably was no such thing there, so he left him. He met Ivy sitting outside a restaurant, and she shared her love for cats and her strict diet with him. The two befriended each other and Robbie was able to convince Joe to get the briefcase after Ivy showed interest in it. In the building site, they encountered a slab of concrete, which Joe discovered to be covering a crate full of grenades (originally a landmine) - they also realized that there was no briefcase to begin with. Joe and Ivy decided to retreat, but Robbie stubbornly took a grenade and let it fall accidentally, which resulted in his death. It was shown near the end of Downfall that his mother, Mary, committed suicide after Robbie's death and Joe's father blamed Robbie's and Mary's death on Joe, blatantly stating that Robbie had always been the parents' favourite.

Some years later, he met Ivy in his twenties, although she didn't remember their first meeting, nor Robbie. The two fell in love and got married in a few months, and the two seemed to be a perfect match. However, Ivy suffered from anorexia (In the original game) or bulimia (In the remake), which started when she wanted to lose some weight and regain her beauty but it soon became a problem, and she began to hate her self image even more. Joe had tried to stop her from starving herself, but his attempts only led to their deteriorating relationship. Joe's mental health had also deteriorated, which led to him consulting with a psychiatrist name Dr. Frank Zelmann (also known as Dr. Z). Joe came to hate Dr. Z due to his "know-it-all" personality, which resulted in Joe killing him. Joe then kept Ivy in the basement of the apartment he lived in, feeding her smoothies made out of flesh in order to "save" her from her obsession (as seen in the original and in The Cat Lady). In the remake, Joe and Ivy just seem to be struggling with their relationship in general, although it's clear for Joe that he'll do anything to make things right between them.

In DownfallEdit

Joe, loneliness

The storm is coming...

Joe took Ivy on a little vacation and lodged at Quiet Haven Hotel for the night, hoping to find a doctor for her the following morning. Before they went to bed, among other mad outbursts, Ivy had Joe admit that their marriage was no longer the same and she was planning on breaking it off once their vacation was over. Shortly after, he found out that the hotel was not as normal as it seemed and Ivy went missing. To get Ivy back and to escape, Joe must kill four memories of a woman named Sophie Cheauvair. In all endings, Joe escaped.

In the 2016 remake, the game starts with Joe and Ivy arriving at Quiet Haven Hotel as a romantic getaway in order to resolve their marital issues. However, Ivy admits that she believes it's time for them to break up once and for all after 10 years together, which is something the player can choose to agree or disagree with. It is revealed that instead of being force fed by Joe, Ivy had nearly starved herself to death and Joe was trying to bring her back to life by electrocuting her and that Quiet Haven Hotel was Joe's schizophrenic perception of real events, although as a place, it may truly exist. All endings of the remake were changed so they can tie in better with the aftermath of The Cat Lady. In two of them, Joe escapes and is revealed to be the Sixth Parasite.

In The Cat LadyEdit

Joe plays a minor role in The Cat Lady. He had become truly mentally unstable and had continued to feed Ivy meat smoothies made of humans (this has been changed in the 2016 remake of Downfall). In Chapter 6, we see various imagery while on his flat that reveal his true nature and events of Downfall are mentioned. His fate is unknown after the end of the gameplay. He has an important role in The Cat Lady Reunion where he talks to Mitzi and Susan on game events.

Dialogue Edit

All of Joe's dialogue from every appearance he makes in The Cat Lady. Note that Susan's dialogue isn't included, aside from dialogue choices.

When the player is caught by Joe in his apartment.Edit

  • "What?..."
  • "Jesus... No..."
  • "What have you done?..."
  • "You stupid... evil... bitch."
  • "Who are you?"

First BranchEdit

If the player selects "I'm sorry.. the door was open..."

  • "You took her away didn't you?"
  • "What has she ever done to you?!?"
  • "Yeah... I see..."
  • "That stupid cat..."
  • "I've been looking for it, too."
  • "Little bastard took off with my key."
  • "I'm gonna rip him to pieces..."

If the players selects "I... I'm the gas inspector... there is a leak somewhere..."

  • "Is that so?"
  • "I can't smell any gas here."
  • "How odd..."
  • "I think you're lying..."
  • "You took here away didn't you?"
  • "What has she ever done to you?!?"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "I won't let you trick me again!"
  • "Did THEY send you?"
  • "THEY think I'll fall for these lies... but I'm smarter than this..."
  • "I know what you're up to..."

Second BranchEdit

Regardless of what the player chooses, Joe will say the same thing.

  • "And I've gotta a gun."
  • "I can shoot you. Right there, in your heart."
  • "Of course you haven't got a heart... isn't that right?"

Third BranchEdit

If the player selects "Calm down... I'll go now and we'll forget all about this..."

  • "There's nowhere to go..."
  • "It's all wrong, no matter what I do... Damn it!"

If the player selects "Stay where you are!!! Don't come any closer!!!"

  • "I would never hurt her... I only wanted to..."
  • "I was trying to help, for God's sake!"

If the player selects "MITZI!?! ARE YOU THERE? I NEED HELP!"

  • "I tried calling for help, too."
  • "No one ever comes."
  • "Just the devil."

Regardless of which branch the player went down, Joe will say the same thing before taking chase.


In the Quiet Haven Hotel SectionEdit

Once Susan enters Joe's hotel room.

  • "Come in, come in!"
  • "There's no need to be afraid. I... I don't bite."
  • "Come in already! I might need your help with something..."

Regardless of what the player chooses, they will end up choosing "You need my help? I thought you wanted to kill me!"

  • "Why would I want to kill YOU?"
  • "You must be mistaken. Who do you think I am?..."

If the player selects "...A man who paints on walls with blood?"

  • "Blood?..."
  • "It was just red paint..."
  • "What made you think it was blood? That's crazy!"

If the player selects "...A self-obsessed, schizophrenic wife-killer?""

  • "What?!? You thought I... No, no, no..."
  • "I'd never hurt my wife!"
  • "All this time I've just been trying to save her!"
  • "Why wouldn't you?"

If the player selects "...A complete psycho?!?"

  • "Look, I've got enough on my mind right now..."
  • "I... I just need you to talk some sense into my wife, that's all."

If the player selects "Sorry, I must've gotten the wrong idea..."

  • "It happens to me somtimes."
  • "I've been known to be a bit... intimidating. I guess."
  • "But I'm not a violent person."
  • "I mean, I will use violence if I'm pushed against the wall..."
  • "Do you know what I mean?"

First BranchEdit

If the player selects "Where are we?..."

  • "I can't really remember the name of this town..."
  • "But I'm pretty sure the hotel is called Quiet Haven."
  • "I know. It's a joke!"
  • "They shouldn't charge half the price for this dump, if you ask me..."

If the player selects "This is all just a dream... right?"

  • "It's funny that you would say that."
  • "I've already heard that somewhere today..."
  • "But if this is a dream... I've been asleep for a very long time."

If the player selects "I'm sorry, I just want to leave...""

  • "Yes, I understand."
  • "I wouldn't stay here myself if it was my decision to make..."
  • "I'm stuck here, too. You see..."
  • "My wife Ivy is in the room to the left."
  • "She's... a little fragile at the moment."
  • "She said she was going to do her make-up."
  • "...but it's been a week now. Maybe longer."
  • "Every time I try to talk to her she just gets.... angry... and tells me she's not done yet."
  • "I've cooked her a meal but she ignores me."
  • "She never likes what I cook..."
  • "If you talk to her, I'll show you the way out."
  • "I promise."
  • "Just go in there and tell her... Tell her she looks fine"
  • "She's always so careful about looking perfect..."

If the player selects "So... your wife's been in that room for a week?...""

  • "Now that you bring this up, I think it might've been a month..."
  • "She wants to look great. I guess it takes time, but we really have to go now..."
  • "I think there's a big storm coming"
  • "I feel it in my bones..."

After the player solves the puzzle, showing Ivy's face in the mirrors.Edit

  • "No..."
  • "NO, NO, NO!!!"
  • "This isn't Ivy!!"
  • "This isn't my wife..."
  • "It's the monster... it followed me here..."
  • "It always follows me, no matter what I do..."
  • "You must kill it."
  • "You've still got that power lead, haven't you?"
  • "The one you stole from me."
  • "You must use it to kill her... to strangle her."
  • "DO IT."

If the player chooses "I... you leave me no choice..."

  • "Go ahead..."
  • "Wrap it 'round her neck and pull it tight..."
  • "Yes... there is no other way."

If the player chooses "Kill me if you want, but I won't do that!"

  • "You're with her... I should've guessed."
  • "I can't trust you."
  • "You're better off dead."

Joe in the Basement Edit

  • "It's just you and me, my love."
  • "No one will find us here..."
  • "Stop worrying, Ivy... It will be all right..."
  • "I will always love you... You know that."
  • "I'm gonna make you all better."

Trivia Edit

  • Jesse Gunn, his voice actor, is the singer and songwriter known as Warmer. This explains why Joe is a talented pianist, and is the reason he plays the Warmer song "The Noises That She Makes in Their Bed", the theme song used for The Cat Lady. Although Joe notes that he doesn't play as often as he used to.
  • The creator stated in an interview for the original Downfall that if you watch closely, you can see some of Joe's old sprites in some frames of the animation. This is due to him remaking Joe's appearance halfway into development.
  • In most endings, Joe will be called The Sixth Parasite by The Queen of Maggots in Downfall.
  • Although his mother's name was mentioned as Mary by Mr. Davis in the original Downfall, no name is mentioned for either of them in the remake.
  • Joe smoked cigarettes quite regularly but stopped a few years before the events of the game. This could possibly be a reference to the fact that Joe was a smoker in the original Downfall, and even smoked one last cigarette in the middle of the game.
  • He has a black Nirvana T-shirt and seems to be a fan. Ivy is seen wearing this shirt when they're lying down in bed together.
  • There's a lot of pictures that make reference to schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder in the game, like two faces with one of them happy and another sad, or one single face but a lot of eyes and mouths.
  • While he seems to be mentally ill, it's possible that he is inside a trap created by The Queen of Maggots, who revealed that "everything here is my business" and she is the one "who pulls the strings".
  • He is a big fan of Stephen King and finds one of his books "Misery" with a screwdriver inside in Downfall Remake, Susan also finds this book when she's inside "Joe's World" in The Cat Lady. It should also be noted that creator Remigiusz Michalski has referenced books he's a fan of before, with a bookshelf full of books that he likes appearing in Doctor Z's room in the original Downfall.
  • In The Cat Lady, Susan mentions that Joe and Ivy once had a pet cat called Lucifer, but it disappeared. This cat is mentioned in the Downfall Remake, with Joe and Ivy mentioning they should get a black cat in a scene, and Joe saying they should call him Lucifer. This is also quite possibly the cat that Joe burned alive, believing it had swallowed a key he needed. Joe says this was an accident, however.

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