Liz standing in front of Susan's hospital bed
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Residence Unknown, but described in game
Occupation Nurse
Appears in Chapter(s) 2
More info
Nicknames "Liz"
Voiced by Emily Wilden

"When you need help, I will be there Susan..."

— Liz, in the Chapter 2.

Elizabeth, also known as Liz, is a nurse who works at Cedar Lake - the hospital where Susan Ashworth is taken to.


Liz is a very talkative person who often gets carried away in conversations. She dislikes the hospital because she feels trapped there. She is also very suspicious of Doctor X. Liz is a very kind person too, as seen with her work on Susan.  

She seems to be superstitious, telling Susan that "really believe in this kind of thing" after Susan tells her about the dream, although she says afterwards, "Dreams are just dreams." Liz is a lonely person, and she just wants someone to talk to and care about her. 

History Edit

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Liz was actually killed by Doctor X long before Susan was taken to the hospital, leaving Susan to believe that she must have been some sort of ghost. She is found after Susan is killed by Doctor X, her decomposing body pinned to a wall in Doctor X's underground torture facility.

Liz sitting in Susan's hospital room

Liz chatting with Susan.

When Susan first meets Liz, she sees Liz as a kind, chatty person. During the night, Liz wakes up Susan and warns her that she needs to leave the building before someone hurts her. The way outside is blocked so they take the elevator up to the roof instead. Liz then stands on the edge of the roof and prepares to jump, believing that it is the only way to escape the hospital. Susan tries to convince her to come back and tries to show that she cares about what happens to her, but Liz still allows herself to fall off the edge to her death.
Liz and Susan on the hospital roof

Liz standing on the roof edge.

If the player answers Liz's three questions correctly, Susan will find a key on Liz's body in Doctor X's underground facility. The good answers also lead to a Steam achievement "I Listened" which is needed to obtain a special ending in the game. Susan can use the key found on Liz's body to unlock the exit. Then she can choose to leave forever or go back to save the girl captured by Doctor X, kill the doctor herself and get two achievements: "Sharp Scratch" or "A Lady With A Mace" (depending on a chosen weapon).

Quotes Edit

"Dreams are just dreams. But when they turn into nightmares, its good to have someone to pinch your arm and wake you up."

"You and I could be good friends, you know?"

"But... I will be back..."

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