Old Man
Old Man
Sex Male
Age 85
Residence Flat 5 (Apartment Building)
Occupation Unknown
Appears in Chapter(s) 6 and 7
More info
Relatives Adam (Son)
Mary (Wife)
Voiced by Alex Sinclair

The Old Man is a minor character in The Cat Lady. He and his son, Adam, live in Flat 5.

Depiction in the gameEdit

In Chapter 6, Mitzi Hunt and Susan Ashworth knock on his door and ask him questions about his internet service provider, but he seems forgetful and has bad hearing, leading Mitzi and Susan to believe he cannot be the "Eye of Adam". The old man is insistent about being able to take care of himself, and refuses help of any sort, preferring to live and die in his own home.

In Chapter 7, when Mitzi and Susan are led to his apartment by a note left by the Eye of Adam himself, the old man says he loves his son but understands that Adam has taken things too far. Because of this, he determinedly asks for Susan and Mitzi's help in stopping Adam, convinced that Adam wouldn't hurt his own father. Adam floods the apartment with hydrogen sulfide to kill Susan and Mitzi, having given his father a gas mask in a box beforehand in order to protect him. However, the old man gives the gas mask to Mitzi and Susan, and dies himself. Susan has to make a choice on whether to wear the gas mask herself and allow Mitzi and the old man to die (Scared of Dying achievement will be awarded), or to insist for Mitzi to wear the gas mask and allow Susan and the old man to die (Sacrifice achievement will be awarded).

It is worth noting that with Adam's paralyzed state, the old man must have set up the toxic gas trap.


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