Pauline with Mitzi and Susan
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Residence Flat 6 (Apartment Building)
Occupation Full-time housewife (previously a hotelier)
Appears in Chapter(s) 6
More info
Relatives Baby daughter
Voiced by Bryarly Bishop

Pauline is a single mother who lives in Flat 8. Mitzi enters her apartment, pretending to be interested in babysitting her young daughter, Alyssa, while Susan helps distract Pauline to give Mitzi time to search Pauline's laptop.


Pauline is a fairly young woman with dark hair tied back. She wears a black dress and is always seen carrying Alyssa and gently rocking her.

She also has an Irish accent.

Depiction in the gameEdit

Pauline used to be a hotelier, and, despite working part time, is doing financially well, judging by the size of her television and the quality of her dining furniture. She appears to be quite caring, but is slightly forgetful and rather irresponsible, as Susan finds a pair of scissors left near her baby on the bed. Pauline evidently holds bitter and angry feelings towards her ex-boyfriend, apparently for leaving her to raise Alyssa alone. This is presented in the family pictures in her house, where she has cut his face out of all the photos. Susan wonders why, if she wants this man out of life so badly, she doesn't just take the photos down. The cause for the breakup is unknown, and when questioned, Pauline shows great reluctance when speaking about her ex and doesn't give any details.

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Prologue Chapter 1
"House in the Woods"
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"Second First Breath"
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Chapter 4
"Bullet for Susan"
Chapter 5
"Some Flowers Never Bend Towards the Sun"
Chapter 6
"The Legend of Cat Widow"
Chapter 7
"Don't Feed the Troll"