"Well don't you worry my sweetest, I know a thing or two about pussycats. What do you say? Shall I take a good look at this pussy of yours?"
— The Pest Control Man, Chapter 4
Pest Control Man

The Pest Control Man talking to Susan
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Residence House in the suburbs
Occupation Pest control worker
Appears in Chapter(s) 4
More info
Relatives Gladys (wife)
Voiced by David Firth

The Pest Control Man is the second Parasite in The Cat Lady. In Chapter 4, he comes to trap Susan Ashworth's beloved cats after a complaint from Bryan. He also kidnaps Susan and brings her to his house in the suburbs. He is married to Gladys, the third Parasite.


He seems to be rather unintelligent and acts lewdly towards Susan after kidnapping her. He dislikes how his wife always pushes him around but never stands up to her. As noted by Susan, he likes to collect guns.


He kidnaps and kills people and cats to eat. It is heavily implied that he molests some of the women he captures, including attempting to abuse Susan. He also left behind a loaded revolver hoping Susan will kill herself after seeing that Susan is permanently blinded and disfigured by the bleach poured on her by his wife Gladys.


Susan kills him by trapping him in a room with poisonous gas.

Quotes Edit

"Bloody fog... can't see a thing."

"Someone could be gettin' murdered two feet away and not a soul would notice..."

"I'm taking you for a ride."

"Life is a real fucker sometimes."

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by David Firth, a popular internet cartoonist most known for his series Salad Fingers.
    • David Firth also voices Gladys, the Pest Control Man's wife and the third Parasite.
  • He is the favorite of Remigiusz Michalski, between all the Parasites, most notably due to R. Michalski being a fan of David Firth.

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