"I've never paid much noticed to what the living call me. But there's one name the fallen ones use when I speak to them. I find it most accurate... the Queen of Maggots."
— The Queen of Maggots, Chapter 1
"Queen of Maggots"
Sex Female
Residence Mansion in the woods
Appears in Chapter(s) 1, 4 (cameo), and 7
More info
Voiced by Margaret Cowen

The Queen of Maggots is the first character that Susan encounters in The Cat Lady. The old woman returns her to life with the gift of immortality, and instructs her to find and kill five "Parasites".


The Queen of Maggots appears as an old woman with a New Orleans accent. She holds a dead rose in one of her hands. She has white hair, tied in a bun and wrinkled skin, denoting an advanced age. In the first encounter, she appears on the porch of a house in the alternate dimension Susan enters after Susan's induced death or coma after taking an overdose of sleeping medication.


The Queen of Maggots has some amount of power where she grants Susan resurrection and immortality in order for Susan to destroy the Parasites. Susan has the option to ask the Queen of Maggots if she is Death, God or the Devil, which eventually prompts the name "Queen of Maggots." The Queen of Maggots appears to be either allied with an entity called the Crow (which Susan also encounters in the course of her journey through the post-death alternate dimension) or to be the Crow herself - they both have baritone voices and similar accents.

Later on in the game, it is revealed that the Queen of Maggots is "the sickness that has been with [Susan] for so long," suggesting that she is a representation of Susan's depression. However, the Queen's ability to essentially force immortality on Susan and her desire to cleanse the Parasites suggests that she is a rather more powerful entity - perhaps a representation of Thanatos or death drive that Sigmund Freud proposed was present in every human being. However, she said that "We are both dead. I'm not death" to Susan, possible she was once alive.


  • The Queen of Maggots is also the name of a character in Downfall, though it is unknown whether or not they are the same character.
    • It is very likely that they are one and the same person. They both refer to their house as their "kingdom", and both refer to the person they're talking to (Downfall: Agnes; The Cat Lady: Susan) with kind words, though she makes her occupation and her true nature be known to them.
    • Although similar, her appearance in The Cat Lady is much more human and natural than in Downfall.
  • She seems to like, or comprehend, women more than men.
  • Symbolically, she is the sadness and depression in the heart of Susan.
  • There are many candles in her house, where each one symbolizes a human life.
  • According to Michalski, he didn't know who she really was, but according to him, it was clear as the story went on, that she was in fact, Susan's illness.
  • In Downfall Remake, she claims to Agnes that her real name was "Lorelai". It is unknown whether she was telling the truth, though.
  • Rem said once that "if depression were to take on a human form, as in The Cat Lady, it would become both your best friend and your worst enemy," like the Queen.
  • The Queen of Maggot was possibly inspired by the Greek goddess Persephone. Persephone is a goddess with a lot of opposing sides. She wasn't always a Cthonic deity, she became one when she gone to the underworld. In the myth of Demeter and Persephone, Demeter actually says Persephone had died when she entered the underworld (hence Queen of Maggot's saying "we are both dead"). Persephone had her own kingdom in realm of the dead which was covered with plants (just like Queen of Maggots). Unlike many other gods of death, she had power to revive the dead and send them back to the earth. She had strong connections with immortality, reincarnation, and resurrection. (just like Queen of Maggots). All cthonic gods, including Persephone were gloomy and depressive. (Game portrayed Queen of Maggots as an embodiment of depression).

Quotes Edit

"Welcome to my house, Susan Ashworth."

"I come when there's something to take... but I never give anything back."

"I brushed your hair every night you cried yourself to sleep."


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