"Hello. My name is Rita Tickle. May I come in, please?"
— Rita Tickle, wanting to come inside Pauline's apartment. Chapter 6
Rita Tickle
Rita Tickle

Rita soliciting a job at Pauline's apartment
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Residence Unknown
Occupation Baby-sitter
Appears in Chapter(s) 6
More info
Voiced by Miranda Evans

Rita Tickle is a nanny who works for a babysitting agency. In The Cat Lady she appears in Chapter 6 as a minor character.

Depiction in the gameEdit

Mitzi Hunt sees that Pauline is looking for a nanny for her baby daughter. She pretends to be the nanny who scheduled a meeting with Pauline that day in order to get access to her apartment. Rita shows up shortly afterwards, and despite Susan Ashworth's attempts to dissuade her from coming again, keeps coming back. When Susan makes up a lie about how Pauline put her daughter up for adoption, Rita says she believes that people who put their children up for adoption are "evil". Rita tends to repeat things she's already said before.

Trivia Edit

  • Rita has become a fan-favorite out of all the minor characters due to her random, comical appearance in Chapter 6, helped by her physical appearance and her demeanor and personality with the way she speaks.
  • During both of her appearances, after she leaves Susan says "...Well, you're just thick."[Inexact quote] or "I've already been to Hell... they don't want me there." depending on dialogue choices.

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