"One day I will get there, I know I will. Even if takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives."
— Susan Ashworth, Chapter 7
Susan Ashworth


Susan as she appears for most of the game

Younger susan

Susan in a flashback

Susan Ashworth

Susan as she appears at the beginning of the game

Sex Female
Age 40 - 49
Residence Helen Road Flat, Flat #4
Occupation Unemployed (Previously Nurse)
Appears in Chapter(s) All
More info
Nicknames "Mrs. A" (Mitzi Hunt) "Stupid Evil Bitch" (Joe Davis)
Relatives Eric Ashworth (Husband)
Zoë Ashworth (Daughter)
Voiced by Lynsey Frost

Susan Ashworth (May 24, 1970) is the main protagonist of The Cat Lady.


Susan has short, messy black hair and wears a long black skirt and a white top in the first chapter. She has green eyes which she states are the only thing she likes about herself. It's also mentioned she has high cheekbones, by Dr. Xavier Zelmann.

Her appearance throughout the game changes. As time passes, she begins to look a little younger. After returning to her apartment unit and having a shower, she changes into a white shirt, black jeans, and black jacket.


At the beginning of the game, Susan is a lonely, negative, and cynical widow, gripped by critical depression. She feels that everything in the world is against her, and all she wants is to end her suffering with suicide.

Susan is an intelligent woman with a dark sense of humor, who can be quite sassy at times. Despite her early claim that she 'doesn't like people's company', she is shown to care about people's lives and will help them when in danger.

As the game progresses, Susan grows close to Mitzi Hunt, a young woman who rents a room in her apartment. Susan turns into a kinder and more caring person. She faces her past by opening up to Mitzi and revealing why she was depressed and suicidal to begin with. 


Susan has been given the gift of immortality by the Queen of Maggots. She cannot die regardless of how many times she is killed, and bears no marks of prior injuries.

Susan is rather strong despite her appearance. She is able to push aside a heavy cabinet relatively easily without help.

Her most impressive trait is her intelligence. She can put together puzzles and figure out how things work in a short amount of time and under great pressure. 

Susan can play the piano; the sound summons the stray cats in Helen Road. The cats, especially a black one named Teacup, are fond and protective of Susan, even going so far as to attack and eat a man who tries to kill her. 

Susan seems to be a talented painter and poet, as evident from the paintings and poetry in her apartment. 


The player has the option to choose what kind of childhood Susan has; whether she has a good relationship with both parents, a good parent and an abusive one, one parent and an absent one, or if Susan is an orphan. No matter what option the player chooses, Susan's childhood is always tainted with tragedy.

In her late twenties, Susan married a man called Eric and had a baby named Zoe. Six months after Zoe's birth, Susan had an unnamed suitor who sent her expensive flowers every Friday, knowing that Eric was away that day. It is the player's choice whether Susan chooses to leave Eric for her suitor, or whether she stays with the husband she doesn't love. One of the possible choices will award the player the Nettles achievement.

One day, in her race to hide her flowers before Eric comes home, Susan puts them close to Zoe's cot in her room. When Eric arrives home, he doesn't see the flowers, but rebukes Susan aggressively in a heated argument. The fight escalates after the two have alcohol. Susan tells him to get out and leave her alone, but Eric refuses.

Both parents were so caught up in the argument that they didn't notice that a storm had begun outside. The wind blew the pollen from Susan's flowers over Zoe's cot. Unknown to either parents, Zoe suffered a rare, lethal allergic reaction to the pollen. Distraught, Eric left the house two days later and never returned. His body was found almost a week later, having "drank himself dead" in the woods. From then on, Susan grew cold and distant and despised flowers.


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Multiple endings are possible in the game. In all of them, Susan realizes her desire to help other people suffering from depression, and acknowledges the positive effect that Mitzi had on her life.


  • She was born on May 24, 1970. If The Cat Lady takes place in the decade the game was released, 2010, this would make her 40 - 49.
  • She loves blueberry pancakes and tomatoes.
  • Susan used to be a nurse when she was younger.
  • At first she thinks the internet is idiotic and a waste of time, and dislikes cellphones, never having tried the former or owning the latter. After the ending of the game, she finally tries the internet out and sees the positives about it, opening a blog and helping and meeting new people, some of whom have also suffered from depression, and as such it's helped her in turn.
  • Susan was not married in the church, just in civil.
  • Her piano was a present from Eric's father.
  • She painted some of the frames in her room, the others were presents from old friends, according to Susan people that she forgot a long time ago.
  • Susan used to write poems when she was very sad. The poem heard in the eponymous Chapter 3, River, was written by Agnieszka Surygala, R. Michalski's wife.
  • In the original trailer for The Cat Lady she makes a possible reference to Joe Davis, saying "Great... it's raining again."

Quotes Edit

"Thanks for nothing. Goodbye."

"The real monsters are us. Murderers, rapists, arsonists… They’re the real beasts… So far from humanity they’re no longer capable of feeling compassion or guilt. They’re the ones we should really be afraid of. But whether they’re lurking in the woods… or fog… or the darkness of our cellars… Its all irrelevant. You can’t predict what happens. You can’t do anything to stop it. There is only one way… To turn into a beast yourself… And, like them, show no mercy…"

"He noticed a shadow of a cloaked figure standing ahead..."

"Someone wrote 'Cat Killer' on his door..."

"She was there. In the dark corner of his living room. Waiting..."

"It feels like all I want is to die... but I have to live."

"If there's one thing that Mitzi taught me, it's that you have to pick yourself up and carry on. It doesn't matter that life isn't fair; it doesn't matter that you make mistakes; you fall, and rise again."

"It's time to see the doctor now..."

"No one will miss him, trust me."

"Then the arguing started."

"Great... it's raining again..."

"I've been to hell and back, my boy."

"We are living next door to a psychopath."


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