The guidelines are meant to direct the tone and content of this wiki. Changes to the guidelines are discussed in the wiki discussion forum.

Wikia policiesEdit

Wiki contentEdit

  • This wiki deals primarily with The Cat Lady and information from official sources.
  • Contributors are welcome to add information about Downfall, the game preceding The Cat Lady, but it is less of a priority than coverage of The Cat Lady.

Writing styleEdit

  • Write descriptions of fictional events in the present tense. The exception is backstory, events that took place before the events of the game.
  • Articles should be written from the viewer's perspective. Avoid in-universe perspective when writing about fiction.

Images and filesEdit

  • Images should have descriptive file names.
  • Images should be categorized appropriately based on their content. You can add categories to a picture at the bottom of the file page. For example, an image from Chapter 1 needs Category:Chapter 1 images.
Tip: Use Special:Upload or Special:MultipleUpload. They allow you to change the destination filename without renaming the picture on your computer.


  • Categories should be used as extensive "see also" sections, grouping pages that cover similar topics.
  • See above for image category guidelines.
  • Articles and pages should not have image categories. For example, Chapter 1 should not be categorized with Chapter 1 images, but rather Chapters.
Tip: Special:CategoryTree is useful for searching a category's subcategories and parent categories.


  • Information from external sources should be cited with {{cite web}} inside <ref></ref> tags. Use {{reflist}} to list all the references used in an article at the bottom of the page. Alternately, you can use <references /> in place of {{reflist}}.
  • Use {{cite}} to mark sentences that need citation.

Personal pagesEdit

  • Personal pages are not subject to our wiki-specific content guidelines, but must abide by Wikia's Terms of Use.

Talk pagesEdit

See also the help pages for talk pages and signatures
  • Sign your comments by typing "‌~~~~‌" (four tildes). This will add your name and a timestamp.
  • Usually, you should add comments to the end of the page.
  • When replying to a comment, indent your reply by placing a colon ("‌:‌") at the beginning of a line. More colons will indent the text further -- use "‌:::‌" before a third reply.
  • In general, replies should be made on the same page on which the original message was placed (e.g. if someone leaves a message on your talk page, reply there, not on the other person's talk page). {{Talkback}} may be useful if the reply is not noticed.
  • Keep your comments polite and friendly. It's always best to be civil, even if things get heated.
  • Please give new topics a short, descriptive heading.
  • To remove red links on talk pages, forums, etc, please use Help:Red links.

Other guidelinesEdit