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    Dates and Shtuff

    February 5, 2015 by Cridone

    So, a lot of you may know that Rem got a lot of his sounds from sites like Of course I knew that locked door sound anywhere - I have downloaded it before for a school project. So today I was on and while going through a bunch of sounds, happened to remember that sound, and with Downfall 2015 in my mind I wondered if I could see how long ago Rem downloaded it. So I decided to be a stalker and go to the door locked sound and search through the people who downloaded it.

    Now I knew that The Cat Lady began around 2010 thanks to this old image, so I searched around that time and after a few pages, I found him.

    So June 18, 2010. Now I just have to look at what he downloaded to see how far back it would go.

    And I found WIND…

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  • Cridone

    I wanted to make a Downfall wiki, and now with the 2015 remake I decided that it's about time I make it. Right now the wiki is in an about 15-40% completed state. I will continue to work on it.

    The wiki is now in a pretty good state to be edited - go crazy! I could use a lot of help.

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  • Cridone

    I can't say why I did but I checked the Downfall website and looked at the sidebar due to seeing a white image and saw this......

    I honestly cannot wait! I would make a Downfall page if I had the time but sadly I don't.

    Anyways, cya...... whoever was on this ghost town of a wiki..........


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