So, a lot of you may know that Rem got a lot of his sounds from sites like Of course I knew that locked door sound anywhere - I have downloaded it before for a school project. So today I was on and while going through a bunch of sounds, happened to remember that sound, and with Downfall 2015 in my mind I wondered if I could see how long ago Rem downloaded it. So I decided to be a stalker and go to the door locked sound and search through the people who downloaded it.

Now I knew that The Cat Lady began around 2010 thanks to this old image, so I searched around that time and after a few pages, I found him.

So June 18, 2010. Now I just have to look at what he downloaded to see how far back it would go.

And I found WIND, Wind through Wheatfield, now if you remember there was no sounds of the wind hitting the field or anything like that at the intro of the game, so this means that at some point that this sound was used before being removed in exchange for the music that plays during it now (I really love seeing the process of game development and stuff that was going to be used, which is why I'm so interested in this). Now, just to go around 2010 to find when he downloaded this sound. And look at this, an even earlier date: October 26th, 2009.

So I went to the first ever sound he downloaded now that I had a specific month - and after some searching I found the earliest date I could possibly get, October 4th, 2009.

Another thought went into my head - why not view the last time the games section of the outdated Harvester Games [dead link now] website was modified?

So after looking it up - I found the earliest date we could possibly get, Friday, September 18, 2009 6:46:19 AM.

So it's most safe to assume that development of The Cat Lady began around August/September 2009. I may somehow add this to the game's page, as there's also some cool early screenshots of the game on the outdated website, and even a couple more 'finished' screenshots in one of the interviews.

Anyways, I wrote this as just a fun little thing in my free time. Of course, I could just send a message to Rem himself to see when The Cat Lady started, but that takes the fun out of it! And I honestly doubt he could remember a more specific date, so it was better this way. Hope you enjoyed reading this.