What happens when Brian asks all the other males in Downfall/The Cat Lady dating advices? Come see for yourself!

Mr. Harris: Tell her she's a beautiful fat woman!

Brian: What if she's not fat?

Mr. Harris: Make her fat!

Dr. Z: *holds up books* I have no time for love! Only science! *books fall and the only book he's holding now has the Nazi Symbol*

Brian: ...

Dr. Z: ... I-I'm a teacher i-in a history c-class and...

Robbie: I've never dated a girl before...

Brian: Of course.

Robbie: But I have seen films. But I never understand it.

Devanshair Axeman: Tell her about the Devil!

Brian: ... What if she isn't religious?

Devanshair Axeman: Tell her anyways, just in case.

Dr. X: Tell her about her beauty.

Brian: I guess that could work.


Brian: ... I, don't think that is a good idea...

Pest Control Man: T-Tell her, she's the only girl for you.

Brian: Alright.

Pest Control Man: A-And, if you get, caught red handed, just say, she'll be j-joining us for dinner...

Brian: ... I'm not a cannibal.

Pest Control Man: O-Oh... Well, you're fuck out of l-luck.

Unnamed Parasite: *chewbacca noises*

Brian: ... I-I'm sorry, what?

Unnamed Parasite: *loud, aggressive chewbacca noises*

Brian: *steps back*

Jesse: See if she likes Video Games.

Brian: I don't play Video Games, Jesse.

Jesse: Then why are you asking me?

Eye of Adam: *writes on screen* Give her milky tea.

Brian: Why?

Eye of Adam; *writes on screen* My mom always liked her tea like that... *tears up and writes on screen* I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!

Brian: ...

Eric: Teach her discipline! She should be the one making the food and clothes for you! Show her you're the man in the relationship!

Brian: Didn't you fight with Susan about that the night before Zoe died?

Eric: ... Y-Yea... Joe: Tell her she looks gre- wait, no that ended bad. Um, make food for he- wait, that ended bad too um...

Brian: ...

Joe: Um, protect her at all co- no, that went bad too...

Brian: Are you fucking serious?

Joe: Help her with a disease if she has on- no, that went horrible um...

Brian: *sighs*

Joe: *thinks while stroking chin* ... Wait, hold on. *grabs a mirror and looks at self* ... Be hot as fuck, I guess.

Brian: *facepalms*


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